Watch Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 13 Finale Online

Finally the time has come that we will see the epic ending of the series that we have loved and we have subscribed on. A series that triggers imagination, curiosity and more importantly enjoyment. It was a very long journey that we have with the first season. It has started the story and it will continue with the next seasons. Watch Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 13 Finale Online, there are lots of things that we will have to see in this new episode. Terra Nova was a place that was created with the high hopes that it will save mankind.
At first it was hard to stay in such a place that is not familiar and also since it is hard to live in that place they have experienced many troublesome things. But even though it was hard to live in such a new world they have started to love the place and ought that they will protect it. Watch Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 13 Finale Online, it seems that Terra Nova was lucky that there are some colonist or to be more accurate is almost all of them wanted to protect it. The final battle is here and we will see it this Monday.

The colony is in danger and the people that wanted to protect it will fight hard. The mole in the colony was identified and now the threat is finally determined. The Phoenix Group is the real enemy and since they wanted Terra Nova they will make all the necessary things to have it even if it means war and death. This epic finale will be thrilling and full of suspense with action. Jim and Taylor fight against the Phoenix Group. A major decision is made regarding the future of Terra Nova after a colonist is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.


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